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Books By Elizabeth Barrett

Lost Mothers

When Leni was nine and her sister Amelia was twelve, their mother was lost in a tornado. Raised by their frequently absent father in a quiet house on a windswept Nebraska prairie, the two sisters adjust differently to their motherless lives. Leni wraps herself in silence and solitude; Amelia craves the conviviality and chaos of a large, close-knit family.

After a tragic accident ends her promising career as a ballerina, Leni finds a job as a research librarian in a small town in western Massachusettes. Meanwhile, Amelia has married into that large family she always wanted, and she insists that Leni join the family at their house on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire for a massive Fourth of July reunion. Leni goes—but only because she senses something is wrong in Amelia’s supposedly perfect life.

As the sisters struggle through Amelia’s present-day troubles and try to come to grips with the long ago loss of their mother, other simmering resentments, between husbands and wives, mothers and daughters, former lovers, boil over in the lake house. Two final unexpected guests arrive as fierce lightning storms break out over the lake, forcing confrontations and revealing secrets that leave no one unscathed.

Every New Beginning

Ryanne Rivers is ready to start over. Her divorce was final a year ago, her ex-husband has moved a few hundred miles away, her children are finally adjusting to their new home life, she has resurrected her dormant career—and a man asked her out on a date! The long nightmare of her abusive marriage and the painful divorce are over.

Or not. Because when her ex-husband finds out she is dating, he reverts to his pre-divorce behavior—demeaning her, manipulating her, using the children against her, even threatening to take her to court to prove she is a bad parent. As she revels in her newfound love with a man who is everything her ex-husband was not, Ryanne struggles to hold onto all of the hard-fought lessons she learned when she freed herself from her controlling husband. But will standing up to him this last time be a lethal mistake?


New York actor Daniel Collins is perfect for the role of the brash Petruchio in the summer production of Kiss Me, Kate—and perfectly tempting. Chris Burns has been hired to help with costumes for the show, and it’s all she can do to keep her mind on her costume designs and not on Daniel’s devilish grin. Chris worked in theater in New York and has no intention of going back there—but will Daniel be willing to leave the lights of Broadway for a small New Hampshire town?

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