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crocusesI announced a few weeks ago that I have set for myself an ambitious publishing program for this year, and that it was going to start with the publication of two of my books, Lost Mothers and Every New Beginning. I set the publication date for March 21, 2016, but a production issue has slowed me down. The new date is April 4, 2016.

The production issue is, in fact, me. When I set that March date, I reckoned without the time I would need to proofread both books. I’ve written before, in the blog on my editor’s website, about the absolute necessity for proofreading. Following my own advice, I took special care and more time than I had anticipated to proofread the first pass of both books last week. The second pass arrived in my inbox yesterday—more proofreading in my immediate future!

This longer lead time, though, gives all of us involved in the process enough time to make sure everything is exactly the way we want. (Nika Dixon is doing a great job with the covers!) That in turn will make for two books that I am completely satisfied with and proud of.

So change the date—and save the date as well. Lost Mothers and Every New Beginning will be published on April 4, 2016!



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1 thought on “Change the Date”

  1. Kathleen Barrett

    Thanks for the update Bett. Looking forward to the publication of your books! Beautiful picture; saw my first crocus sighting yesterday – earliest in memory!

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