Far away the sea

The first time I watched this music video, I hadn’t looked up a translation of the lyrics. It didn’t matter. It is a beautiful, poignant song, beautifully song.  But if you’d prefer to know, lyrics are below.

“Far away the sea”

A quiet port of shelter
Of a greater future
Perhaps already lost
In the current fear

It makes not much sense
To not hope for the best
From the mist arrives
The previous promise

When I saw far away the sea
There I stood,
Still looking

Yes, I sing of the hope
I sing your awakening
And embracing the yearning
I sing the passing time

When I saw far away the sea
There I stood,
Still looking
When I saw far away the sea
Without knowing, there I stood.

1 thought on “Far away the sea”

  1. Hi Bett, yes this is a beautiful song. The Portuguese have a long tradition of these sad/poignant songs: Fado, which means fate. ( I am sure you knew that.) In Portuguese cafes this type of song is very popular. Now that I am going on, in Paris Edith Piaf, the “Song Bird of Paris”, had a similar sound: a plaintive sound, like a ‘sad’ bird. Finally, a Cape Verdean singer named Evora is amazing. You can probably find a clip of her music on You Tube.

    Thanks for sharing this.


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