Now Available in Paperback!

I am thrilled to announce that my two most recent books, Lost Mothers and Every New Beginning, are now available in paperback! This has been a long road for both books, from the original idea (Lost Mothers has a particularly interesting backstory, which you can read here), through the many revisions, the editing and proofreading, and finally the actual publishing process. For anyone who hasn’t been down this road of writing and publishing a novel, I assure you it is a long and often frustrating trek. But the end result, being able to write those words “Now Available in Paperback,” is well worth it.
The books, both in Kindle version and paperback, are available on Amazon. You can go here on my website and click on the Amazon link to buy them. Once you’ve read the books, don’t forget to go back to the book page on Amazon and leave a review. Whatever your response, I want to know what you think—and so will other readers.

Thanks to everyone for your support, and happy reading.

(And keep coming back to my blog for news of my next publication, Tailor-Made, originally published as a Bantam Loveswept!)

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