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The Original Idea

When I was talking to a friend about my two new books, Lost Mothers and Every New Beginning, she asked me what had been the original idea for Lost Mothers, that first spark that had lit the fire that became the novel. This is my favorite question—as I imagine it is for many writers—because it is so easy to answer. In my experience, there is always a moment, an incident, a conversation, even the appearance of a stranger, something a writer saw or experienced that sticks with her and either slowly or quickly grows into a story idea, a group of characters, an expanding tree of story lines. I know what the original idea was for every book I’ve written.

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What I’m Reading

I seem to be caught in a time warp with what I’m reading these days. It began with my interest in women detectives. A couple of months ago I searched Google for fictional women detectives, looking particularly for books set in the earlier part of the twentieth century. Among others, I found The Beekeeper’s Apprentice by Laurie King, first published in 1994. I read it, loved it, and mentioned it to a few friends who also read mysteries. They all nodded and said, Oh, yes, they knew it, and they’d read it … oh, about twenty years ago. How did I miss this marvelous series for twenty years?

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Publication Day!

Tomorrow is the day. Well, one of the days. Tomorrow, May 1, is publication day, the day my two books—Lost Mothers and Every New Beginning­—will be available from Amazon as e-books. Although they are $3.99, I am selling them for a brief time for $2.99. Not quite two for the price of one, but hey, they’re both good, so why not buy both?

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The Thing About Proofreading

As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, I had to delay the publication of my two books, Lost Mothers and Every New Beginning, because I got bogged down with the proofreading process. It simply took longer than I expected. I’m a bit embarrassed to say that that is still the case, and I am postponing publication again.

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My cover designer, Nika Dixon, has been working hard on the covers for Lost Mothers and Every New Beginning. My agent, her assistant, Nika, and I agreed that the original covers that were used when these were published as e-books are great front covers. Since the books will now be published as physical books as

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Thanks to All My Students

In one of my writing classes last week, a long-time student, Vicki, made two comments that inspired this post. First, she talked about a new writing exercise she was practicing. She writes for five minutes without stopping, and everything she writes is one sentence. “It’s not that hard once you get used to it,” she

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In which I blog about the days I write and the days I don’t write; about teaching about writing; about reading (which is never enough); and occasionally about music, because sometimes a three-minute song can tell as good a story as a novel.

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