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Who knew that getting rid of a piece of furniture in my living room would require me to organize boxes in my attic? While going through those boxes, I realized I had copies of several of my books—four romance novels and my young adult novel. They are not doing anyone any good boxed up in my attic, so I thought: Why not have a giveaway, let people have the chance to win either one of the romance novels, or the YA novel, or one of my e-books.

I’ve set up the giveaway—running from September 2 – September 12—so there will be three winners, and each winner can choose which book she (or he) would like. A romance novel: Tailor-Made, A Man’s Fancy, In Perfect Harmony, or When in Paris. Or my young adult from HarperCollins, Free Fall. Or one of my e-books, Lost Mothers or Every New Beginning, in PDF format.

 So enter the giveaway below and get ready for some good reading.
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