Starlings on Otmoor on YouTube

For much longer than I want to contemplate, I have been working on a novel entitled As the Crow Flies. I wish I could spend all of my time writing, but there’s the job that brings in the money to pay for the food that the teenage children eat; and there’s the children. Writing sometimes gets put on the shelf for weeks at a stretch. Still, I am finally working on the revisions for Crow before sending it to my agent—who will probably suggest more revisions.

Because part of the book is set in Edinburgh, Scotland, and because one of the main characters is a biologist who is working on a study of birds, a fair portion of my “writing” time was spent on research. Thank heavens for Google and YouTube. My browsing through the former for information on birds in the United Kingdom led me to a posting on the latter about the starlings at Otmoor in England.

This is an amazing video of thousands of starlings gathering for their evening roosting. The aerial ballet that begins about three minutes in is awe inspiring, and I hope it will make you smile.

4 thoughts on “Introducing As the Crow Flies”

  1. I can’t decide whether those starlings remind me of a gigantic swarm of insects or well choreographed dancers spinning in the air. A stunning sight, one I hope continues to inspire you. Good luck with your WIP!

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