Patting Myself on the Back

As the Crow FliesYesterday I sent down to my agent the complete, revised manuscript of As the Crow Flies. I am sure Paige will make revision suggestions–and she is usually right on the mark with her suggestions–but I am pleased with this version.

Now I can move on to my next book idea and get the characters that have started cluttering my brain down on paper.

2 thoughts on “Patting Myself on the Back”

  1. Ahhhh, how delicious for you. (Both for having sent off your manuscript and having new characters already taking up residence!) I envy you the “having an agent” part; BUT, first things first. I’m in rough draft territory in my unfinished novel. My goal: to explore the process of writing a novel. Publishing concerns will come later when I have something to publish!

  2. That’s great! I’ve read parts of it and know it is beautifully and sensitively written. I agree that having more ideas and characters is very wonderful. Can’t wait to read the finished version of Crow and then to see how the next one develops.

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