Time to Reprint

Many years ago, I published a number of books—five romance novels and Free Fall, a coming-of-age novel. Recently, I reread my first romance, Tailor-Made. I had forgotten how much fun I had writing it; and, considering it was my first book, it’s really quite good. Reading it again got me thinking. Maybe it’s time to reprint.

So, with the help of my agent, Paige Wheeler, and her able assistant Ana-Maria Bonner, I am reprinting all my books. Tailor-Made will be first, and I have taken the first step. The book is on its way to Arkansas, where it will be scanned and formatted into a PDF file.

A few more steps follow. I’ll have to proofread the PDF, fill out a metadata form regarding basic information (title, author, price) as well as a description of the book and search terms so the book can be easily found on Amazon. (The reprinted books will be available both as paperbacks and on Kindle.) Of course, a new cover will be designed—new artwork and new back cover copy.

Once all the proofreading and filling-out-of-forms is complete, and CreateSpace (which handles the paperbacks) confirms that the cover specs are accurate, we’re good to go! It will be time to reprint, and Tailor-Made will be available again.

I will announce the publication here, along with sales promotions. This process will continue with my other books throughout the year, so keep checking back. Or better yet, subscribe to receive updates and news as I post them on my website.

The start of a new year is a great time to reprint. I’m thrilled my books will be in the hands of readers again!

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